• Abertura LADYBUG sumos biológicos


    Opening of the first store, 16 December, in the Lisbon area.

  • LADYBUG sumos biológicos nos orgãos de comunicação social

    Presence on Media

    We were discovered in 2014 and referenced in the media at national level: see more »

  • Franchising LADYBUG sumos biológicos


    Launching of Franchising LADYBUG sumos biológicos®.

  • Novos sumos biológicos

    Creation of new juices and smoothies

    Our offer has grown and diversified in response to the growing number of consumers of organic products.

  • Parcerias bio

    Growing up and making bio partnerships

  • Lattes Vegetais

    Still creating...

    more juices, raw soups and the birth of another category Vegetable Lattes.